The overall goals for the Esthetics Program are to assist each student in gaining entry level knowledge of the human body and technical skills as an esthetician.

  • The student will show proficiency and confidence in esthetics techniques.
  • The student will have a practical knowledge of anatomy and physiology and its relationship to esthetics.
  • The student will have practical experience with several areas of esthetics.
  • The student will have experience with state of the art computer technology for operations in clinic and later in their practice.
  • The student will be aware of the range of employment possibilities and shall have an opportunity to achieve personal goals.
Completion of the esthetics Program at NYIE will fulfill requirements for graduates to sit for the New York State licensing practical and written exam for the practice of esthetics.



NYIE recognizes the importance of appearance enhancement by a Licensed esthetician and provides the necessary training to develop the skills, professionalism and knowledge needed to be a successful esthetician.

NYIE is committed to offering a comprehensive program enabling graduates to qualify for positions as Licensed estheticians. It is our goal to protect the public by producing qualified estheticians.