Refund Policy

Should the student cancel enrollment or be dismissed by NYIE for any reason, all refunds will be made in accordance with the following:
1. All notifications must be made in writing either in person or by certified mail.
2. The Institute does not refund background check fees or registration fees.
3. A student who is dismissed, withdraws or cancels within seven (7) business days of signing the enrollment agreement but before instruction begins receives all monies returned with exception to the $100.00 non-refundable Registration fee. Thereafter, a student will be liable for:
a) Non-refundable $100.00 Registration fee plus
b) Tuition liability as of the student’s last date of physical attendance. Tuition Liability is divided by the number of quarters in the program. Total tuition liability is limited to the quarter during which the student withdrew or was terminated, and any previous quarters.
1.) First Quarter: If termination occurs the school may keep: 0% prior to or during the first week, 25% during the second week, 50% during the third week, 75% during the fourth week and 100% after the fourth week
2.) Subsequent Quarters: 25% prior to or during the first week, 50% during the second week, 75% during the third week and 100% after the third week
4. Absence from scheduled attendance for more than five (5) class days without contact with the school will be considered a withdrawal from the program.
5. The termination date for refund computation purposes is the last date of actual attendance.
6. A refund will be made within 45 days of withdrawal/dismissal/termination or receipt of cancellation notice, or in compliance with Federal financial aid refund policy.
7. Book packages can be returned within seven (7) business days from purchase and must be in their original condition,          accompanied by the store receipt. A 25% re-stocking fee will be charged. Uniform tops are not returnable. After the first      day of class, NO book packages can be returned.
8. Withdrawn or Dismissed students wishing to return to complete the program will be required to pay for each class/course  remaining. Students will be subject to a $100 re-enrollment fee.

Refund Example
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